Casting Announcement: Incognito

Claire is so excited to be making her Rubicon Theatre Company debut as Actor Four in the West Coast premiere of Nick Payne's play Incognito which runs September 16 through October 1 in Ventura, CA. For showtimes and more info on the Rubicon, click here.


A Little About The Show: 
We are thrilled present "Incognito", a mysterious and beautiful new play about the intersection between memory and identity. Several stories (some based on true events) are woven together. One concerns a man who steals Albert Einstein’s brain to try to understand the elusive nature of genius. Another follows a man who has lost his short-term memory but recalls his affection for his wife, whom he greets anew each day. The third focuses on a scientist beginning a new romantic journey who struggles to know her own mind and heart while probing the minds of others. Four actors play 21 characters in this deeply moving and original play.

Claire Adams