Claire Adams as Violet is forceful and honest—she’s a full embodiment of a damaged young girl on a quest to be beautiful. Adams’ vocal interpretation of the score’s belty vocal demands eschews the typical musical-theatre-style vibrato bright sound for a vocal quality that’s rough around the edges, dark, gritty and infectious. Her transitions from dramatic speaking to singing are utterly seamless making for a portrayal that audiences can’t help but get lost in.
— Tin Pan L.A.

“One of the most arresting moments also include Adams’ wonderfully funny turn on ‘Changing My Major’, an irresistible ode to sexual awakening”
- San Diego Tribune  

“Adams as Middle Alison has a standout performance and a show stealing song with ‘Changing My Major’, a song sung with emotion and elation as she falls in love with her confident college friend Joan”
- Broadway World

"Claire Adams' Violet is gloomy in the small town where people have always turned their heads and managed to say the wrong things. But as she travels farther from home and meets new people, her spirit lightens and her inquisitiveness broadens. Adams' dusky soprano fills with emotion as the journey progresses." 

"Her Violet is wounded, defiant, vulnerable, spunky, heartbreaking, and inspiring, with achingly beautiful vocals to match."

"Claire Adams, as both Margaret and Patricia, provides the respective emotional stakes and resonance to Henry and Martha’s arcs. Adams’ Margaret is the exemplary wife, who is boundlessly supportive of her unwell husband, because that is simply the person she is. Likewise, Adams is very genuine in her reactions as Margaret, heart-rendingly responding with impeccable timing to her surroundings. As Patricia, Adams is charismatic and intriguing as the ostensible panacea to Martha’s problems. Patricia tries to make the same-sex relationship work, but she is pushed away, and Adams’ portrayal makes it easy for us to identify with a situation we may have found ourselves in at one time or another."
- LA Excites

"Claire Adams, as Annabel Glick, a mysterious rival for both the inheritance and Harry's heart, matches Harry beat-for-beat as they insult, and develop feelings for, each other.  Her acting and vocal talents shined, especially during her solo ballads."
- Discover Hollywood

"The winsome Adams gets the best love song of the show, 'Times Like These,' underplayed to perfection and a definite highlight."
Broadway World

"Adams' interpretation of the awkward Penny Pingleton bore a striking resemblance to the character Penelope Taynt, Amanda Bynes' number one fan and crazy stalker, from THE AMANDA SHOW back in the 90s. Adams was able to embrace the utter weirdness of her character very believably."
Broadway World

"Adams is just sensational as "Squeaky Fromme", the hippie teen who fell in love with Charles Manson. She is totally uninhibited in her portrayal of the hypnotized, victimized girl. Her scene with Janna Cardia as Sara Jane Moore is hilarious."
- Broadway World

“Claire Adams, a sweet soprano with a fiery persona [is] as vulnerable as she is assertive and she’s adorably naive.” 
- Stage Raw

“Leading lady Adams has played quirky in Hairspray, girl-next-door adorable in Mutt House, murderous in Assassins, and downright devastating in Violet, but never before has a role allowed her to show off her luscious legit vocal register in addition to the gifts of a skilled comedienne with dramatic talent to match.”
- StageSceneLA