"Claire Adams, as both Margaret and Patricia, provides the respective emotional stakes and resonance to Henry and Martha’s arcs. Adams’ Margaret is the exemplary wife, who is boundlessly supportive of her unwell husband, because that is simply the person she is. Likewise, Adams is very genuine in her reactions as Margaret, heart-rendingly responding with impeccable timing to her surroundings. As Patricia, Adams is charismatic and intriguing as the ostensible panacea to Martha’s problems. Patricia tries to make the same-sex relationship work, but she is pushed away, and Adams’ portrayal makes it easy for us to identify with a situation we may have found ourselves in at one time or another." - Imaan Jalali - LA Excites



"Claire Adams, as Annabel Glick, a mysterious rival for both the inheritance and Harry's heart, matches Harry beat-for-beat as they insult, and develop feelings for, each other.  Her acting and vocal talents shined, especially during her solo ballads." - Bill Garry - Discover Hollywood

"The winsome Adams gets the best love song of the show, 'Times Like These,' underplayed to perfection and a definite highlight." - Ellen Dostal - Broadway World




"I think the actress who most impressed me was Claire Adams, who plays the vapid, clumsy Penny Pingleton. I once heard an acting teacher say that the measure of an actor was whether he/she is properly in character when they aren't speaking and don't have the main attention in the scene. Do they still stand and hold their characters, reacting properly when they're in the background or off to one side? The teacher suggested watching Gene Wilder in any of his films and noting what he's doing when you might not normslly be looking at him. That's when you appreciate what a fine actor he is (or now sadly, was).

So there's this lady named Claire Adams playing Penny and Penny is goofy and funny and awkward every time the script gives her something goofy and funny and awkward to say or do. Fine. But I kept noticing Ms. Adams somehow being goofy and funny and awkward every second she was on stage, even when all eyes but mine were on some other fine performer belting out a tune…and I found myself laughing at Penny's body language. Or at her expressions which perfectly supported the scene…she looks so uber-drab that I couldn't see the slightest trace of potential in her Penny and I actually thought, "Gee, I wonder how they're going to make her look good at the end." Well, of course, all Ms. Adams had to do was take off the wig and glasses and probably just be herself. Boy, she's a good actress." - Mark Evanier - News From Me

"Adams' interpretation of the awkward Penny Pingleton bore a striking resemblance to the character Penelope Taynt, Amanda Bynes' number one fan and crazy stalker, from THE AMANDA SHOW back in the 90s. Adams was able to embrace the utter weirdness of her character very believably." - George Brietigam - Broadway World




"The fun of Assassins comes in the interaction among the characters. The extended scene with Adams and Cardia is like a Saturday Night Live sketch, and both actresses handle it with superb skill and comic timing." - Cary Ginell - VC On Stage

"Adams is just sensational as "Squeaky Fromme", the hippie teen who fell in love with Charles Manson. She is totally uninhibited in her portrayal of the hypnotized, victimized girl. Her scene with Janna Cardia as Sara Jane Moore - both characters tried to kill Gerald Ford, - is hilarious." - Don Grigware - Broadway World